We can help you create the perfect smile with beautiful white teeth

Teeth whitening

We offer our teeth-whitening services in the comfort of our clinic.

We use the latest light-activated technique from the US
, which enables us to whiten your teeth in 90 minutes.

The benefits of this method compared with home whitening kits that use mouth guards include:

- your lips, tongue and gums are protected.

- you do not swallow the applied product.
- short treatment time.

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Root whitening

We offer whitening for teeth discoloured after root canal treatment.

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Veneers – smile makeovers

Over time, the enamel – the insensitive, white part of your tooth – becomes thinner. This can be rebuilt by application of a thin layer of ceramic created in a dental laboratory. With these veneers, we can recreate the colour, shape and surface of your teeth according to your wishes.

Alice Hensel works with dental technician Thierry Bestenheider, who trained in Switzerland and California. He works on the teeth with an artistic eye to transform your smile. Find out more: www.bestenheider.ch.

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