We offer all types of dental care, including: Orthodontics, root canal treatment and surgery.

Root canal treatment

When the cavity has reached a nerve, we can preserve your tooth with root canal treatment:

We use the latest generation dental instruments individually

packaged and sterile for single-use. This means we avoid potential breakage of these delicate instruments, which wear easily from repeated use and sterilisation.

The empty space of your tooth's root canal must be filled with a compatible material to avoid the chance of recurring infection.

The warm gutta percha technique with a sealant enables us to achieve this result. The sealant will not discolour your tooth.

For these treatments, we use a rubber dam, an operating site for the teeth, which isolates your tooth from the rest of your mouth to reduce the risk of contamination.

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To avoid any complications after a tooth extraction, empty tooth sockets are treated with a collagen dressing and stitches.

A 3D image ensures an implant is fitted accurately.

Periodontal surgery ensures healthy, attractive gums.

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Your smile is important to you and to us. We work together on changing the position of your teeth. We treat children and adults with the Orthocaps system, which applies a gentle pressure to correct the teeth through a twin alignment system. An initial digital analysis will be carried out to monitor and calculate the movement of the teeth and to give an estimated end result.

This method has the benefit of being invisible, pain-free and hygienic.


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Dental hygiene

To avoid gum disease, where inflammation of the gums can destroy the bone supporting the tooth, it is very important to have a professional descaling treatment.

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