We offer high quality Swiss dental implants

Dental implants

We offer dental implants to replace the root of a missing tooth. The dental implant is the support for your tooth replacement, whether a crown or a fixed or removable denture. It’s therefore essential to use high quality implants. That’s why we work with Straumann, the Swiss quality benchmark. Find out more at:


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Dental prosthetics – smile makeovers

We provide fixed dental prosthetics in ceramic. Ceramic is better tolerated by the body and is very strong. There will be no metal in your tooth.

We use a scanner to produce a digital image of your tooth. This technique is extremely precise and avoids use of the manual dental impression material.

Alice Hensel works with dental technician Thierry Bestenheider, who trained in Switzerland and California. He works on the teeth with an artistic eye to transform your smile. Find out more: www.bestenheider.ch

We also offer removable dentures.

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