Your teeth are precious and we take great care in looking after them.

Dentist Alice Hensel offers more than dental care. She helps to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful. She can create a smile to match your personality, in a relaxed and friendly environment.

At Happy Beauty Smile, a new dental experience.

Listening well is key to successful dental care.

Whether it’s teeth whitening, tooth jewellery, dental implants, orthodontics or another treatment, we are here to listen to ensure your experience with us is as smooth and relaxed as possible.

Your well being is our priority. We strive to provide a personal, local service.

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At Happy Beauty Smile, your oral health is our priority.

Our teeth are not isolated from our bodies. In fact, they are connected completely by our blood vessels.

So, a tooth infection or gum disease can cause an ailment or illness elsewhere in the body.

We are committed to providing high quality, skilled dental care to ensure successful treatment.

We provide services for both adults and children, and we support anxious patients and help patients to manage pain. We also provide care for pain relief.

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Happy Beauty Smile, a dental practice at the cutting edge of technology

Whether it’s teeth whitening, root canal treatment or a dental implant, our clinic uses the latest techniques and materials.

As allergies and intolerances are becoming more and more common, a bio-resonance consultation assesses your tolerance to different materials.

We also have a digital scanner to take images of your teeth.

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Happy Beauty Smile Crans-Montana dentiste dents blanches implants dentaires

Teeth whitening

We use the latest technique from the US, which enables us to whiten your teeth in 90 minutes.

Happy Beauty Smile Crans-Montana dentiste dents blanches bijoux dentaires

Tooth jewellery

Because your smile reflects your personality and the way you express yourself, we also offer tooth jewellery.

Happy Beauty Smile Crans-Montana dentiste dents blanches implants dentaires

Dental implants

We work with high quality implants from Swiss firm Straumann.

Dental prosthetics

We provide fixed dental prosthetics in ceramic and removable dentures.

Root canal treatment

When the cavity has reached a nerve, we can preserve your tooth with root canal treatment.


We offer tooth extraction, implants, restorative surgery and treatment for gum health.


Your smile is important to you and to us. We work together to change the position of your teeth.

Dental hygiene

Professional descaling is important to help avoid gum disease.